Circuit Zolder - 50th Anniversary, Sunday, May 19, 2013 : 09.30 - 18.00.


The national meeting is open to all owners of vehicles over 25 years old in order with the registration and insurance, except for vehicles for which no registration is required and vehicles placed on a trailer.

Unlike previous editions, there will be no tourist tours are organized from different corners of the country.  The clubs can roadbook course outline to come up at Zolder.  The appointment is immediately spot in Zolder, where a team of the circuit you will steer to the right parking.

It is impossible to list all participants to drive on the track and this for security reasons.  The circuit shows only 1,000 vehicles to the slopes and the plateau of maximum 60 per vehicle.

We will organize a number of parades on the circuit of Zolder and the BFOV will choose from the offers received.  So, you may ask to be invited to participate in a parade through the appropriate box to tick on the application form (please tick one only please).

The parades take place at a low speed and will be preceded by the safety cars.  Every parade includes two laps on the track.  In order to ensure a smooth organization in the paddocks, the vehicles are invited to a parade in another paddock zone than those who can not participate in a parade.

We are pleased to invite you to participate at the national meeting in 2013, where we will celebrate our 25th anniversary.  In 2008 we had 2,250 participating vehicles to the Atomium in Brussels.

Several parades are provided:

  Parade Great-Britain: open to vehicles of British brands
  Parade France: open to vehicles of French brands
  Parade Germany: open to vehicles of German brands
  Parade Italy: open to vehicles of Italian brands
  Parade USA: open to vehicles of American brands
  Parade Japan: open to vehicles of Japanese brands
  Parade Rest of the World: Open for vehicles whose country of origin was not mentioned above
  Parade Porsche 911: open to brand vehicles Porsche type 911 - 50th Anniversary
  Parade Pre War: Open for pre-war vehicles
  Parade Motorcyles: open to motorized two-or three-wheelers
  Parade Utilitarian: open for commercial vehicles (trucks, vans, bus, ...)
  Military Parade: open for military vehicles
  Parade Next Generation: open to vehicles first registration date in 1988
  Parade GT: open to vehicles of type GT
  Parade VIP: open to vehicles that our VIP guests will carry and according to their own choice

The BFOV reserves the right to organize other parades and this according to the tenders received.

The timing of each parade will be announced from 05/01/2013.


With your participation in this meeting, we provide for you:
   - a rally plate per vehicle
   - an unforgettable day
   - an identification card to the windscreen of your vehicle or place the light of your motorcycle.
   - a welcome drink of BFOV per driver and passenger
   - on the site we will provide some animations for children's
  - musical atmosphere